Precision Spraying Reduces Herbicide Costs by 90%

Image Recognition Technology identifies weeds with precision for praying. The system simultaneously collects large-scale, high-resolution agricultural data and insights from the field that are then delivered to farmers and other stakeholders.


Large-scale agricultural systems are commonly associated with environmental impacts such as climate change, pollution, soil degradation, deforestation and habitat loss.
In order to feed the planet’s growing population, there is a global need to adopt sustainable farming practices that boost crop yields while using less land and reducing environmental impact.

Less CO2e from Fertilizer

POLY4, which has no requirement for chemical processing, has the lowest CO2e emissions compared to other fertilizer products. Furthermore, POLY4 helps to rebalance and reconstruct the soil structure as well as provide four essential nutrients required for plant growth.

Precision Spraying of Herbicides

Our high-definition RGB cameras are mounted directly on the sprayer booms and are compatible with every sprayer size. They completely cover the sprayer treatment area and process real-time field captures. We have embedded computers mounted on the sprayer which gather pictures recorded by the cameras and analyse the field status, providing a custom analysis of its vegetation and the weeds among the crops. The user interface display is installed in the cab – the operator can configure and control the detection process, monitor detections and system status as well as send in real-time orders to the nozzle controller.

How we improve Our core technology is based on artificial intelligence, which means that we are constantly improving our algorithms. The more you use our system, the more we sharpen our algorithms to fulfil your exact requirements. Thanks to continuous picture recordings, we can improve our technology and build a database of your fields, crops and weeds to keep on refining and being more efficient and accurate. We take pride in always trying our hardest to get as close as possible to the 100% detect and spray barrier.

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